smartDESIGN has always emphasized a design/construction team approach to our projects. We thrive on interacting with engaged clients and we highly respect the abilities and experience of the professional contractors that construct the buildings that we design. Please allow the following testimonials to illustrate our commitment to design excellence, teamwork, and efficient and effective project management:

 I am very pleased to report an excellent experience with the smartDESIGN team project manager Todd Audsley, and designers Jaime Lorenz and Josh Bernard on the design and the construction advisory assistance for our 3-tiered project in Bergen. The 3 phases each had significantly different design criteria: open production and warehouse space; heavily infrastructured research and development facilities; and high-end office and auditorium space.

We were impressed with the thoroughness and organization of their initial proposal and their roadmap to project completion. They had representation at all weekly project meetings and were diligent about follow-up on any resulting questions or action items. The work that was generated was truly impressive in its detail, quantity, quality and creativity. I dont think the general contractor could have had a better, more collaborative partner with whom to work. We are very happy with our finished product and would have no hesitation in working with Todd and his team in the future.

–Charlie Cook, President, Liberty Pumps

 We are pleased to tell you that we are delighted with the addition you planned for our home. We had already engaged the services of another design group, but rejected their layouts because they were tone-deaf to what our needs were. It was a breath of fresh air to have smartDESIGN personnel listen, interpret, and creatively design a premier living space to complement a somewhat unusual existing structure. We were impressed with the thoroughness of the initial interviews and field verification, as well as the collaborative nature of interactions with our Contractor. The result is an addition that looks as though is part of the original home, but actually upgrades the exterior architectural lines considerably and adds interesting interior angles. We would recommend smartDESIGN to anyone who values intelligent solutions.

–Best regards, Charlene and Hans Schoenenberger

 I was so happy with the experience that I had working with Jaime and the smartDESIGN team. Every step of the way was handled very professionally and with a personal touch. The office design and interior decorating turned out fantastic and we receive compliments daily from our patients. Thank you smartDESIGN for all of your attention to detail. I enjoy going to my new office every day thanks to you!

–Dr. Aaron McCann, DDS, Precision Endodontics

 Being a project manager on the GC side and getting to work with multiple clients, I get to work with a lot of architectural firms. smartDESIGN is by far the best I have worked with; they have a very strong work ethic that goes above and beyond. They work diligently to make sure their plans are correct and accurate. They work very well with the GC project manager & superintendents. smartDESIGN is a great firm to work with.

–Jerry Huckabee, Project Manager, Lakeview Construction Inc.

 For the past 8 years, I have been very fortunate to work with smartDESIGN while designing and building my five dental offices.

smartDESIGN Architecture is a highly professional company that strives to provide their clients with the best in design, customer service, and value. They are on the cutting edge of design and pay a great deal of attention to the details. I highly recommend working with smartDESIGN on your next project.

–Dr. Dianna Melman, DDS, Stellar Dental

 I really want to thank you and your team for your help with the initial concept planning and the design for the (hoped-for!) Advancement Center out here at Brockport. It was a pleasure working with someone who listens to ideas and incorporates creative designs based on basic ideas. As you know, Ive never had the opportunity to devise a building from concept to completion, so the easy style in which you worked with me was greatly appreciated. I was impressed with the multiple concepts and easy to understand illustrations and our team loved them, too! Thanks for all of your efforts!

–Mike Andriatch, VP for Advancement, The College @ Brockport (SUNY)

 I had a great experience with Ed and the smartDESIGN team designing our two offices. They were professional and kept tabs on the GC. I get complimented on the interior design of the office by patients nearly every day.

– Dr. Sanil Nigalye,DDS, MD, Niagara Dental Implant & Oral Surgery

 I love my new office! The design allows for easy patient flow and the colors and accessories are vibrant and fun. I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

– Dr. Barbara Moore, DDS, MooreKidsSmile Pediatric Dentistry

 The smartDESIGN team is extremely thorough and detail oriented, not only with their construction documents, but with their processes and ability to manage and communicate clearly and efficiently with the contractor and other disciplines. They consistently meet their commitments and are always the most reliable team on the project in terms of follow up and coordination. In the almost 10 years I have worked with them, there have been little to no additional services paid to smartDESIGN above and beyond their contract – they provide a complete set of construction documents without fail. Simply put, they are capable, trustworthy, and an integral part of any project in which they are involved.

– Caryl Scobbie, Senior Manager, Design Development, Panera Bread

 I can easily state that as a general contractor and project manager, working with smartDESIGN has been the most professional and efficient experience I have had with any architectural firm. smartDESIGN’s plans and specs are the most accurate and clear that I have ever built from, and smartDESIGN’s team are very knowledgeable and accommodating with our requests for clarifications. smartDESIGN has always gone above and beyond their scope to ensure that the product they produce for contractors to build from is detailed and accurately thought out. There isn’t another architectural firm that I have worked with that I would choose to work with over smartDESIGN. They have an unparalleled design team.”

– Gianni Cacciacarro, President, Platinum Construction Corporation

 I have worked with Ed smart of smartDESIGN along with his team on several projects over the past 8 years. Ed and his team produce a quality set of drawings and are always available to answer any questions. They are professional and work well with both the client and the contractor. I would highly recommend smartDESIGN for projects which require architectural services.”

– Paul Lamparelli, President, Lamparelli Construction Co.

 My experience working with Ed and the team at smartDESIGN was outstanding. They came up with a creative design for a challenging space, and did it with style. I often tell people that my office space is the most efficient per square foot of any dental office out there. The design team led by Jaime did a wonderful job with the interior design, and I regularly receive compliments on the way the office looks. When the time comes to design an additional location, I won't hesitate to call smartDESIGN.”

– Scott M. Farley, DDS, Farley Orthodontics

 As the director of the Pavilion Public Library I saw the creative and innovative renovation designed by smartDESIGN at the Corfu Free Library and talking with past colleagues and the Board of Trustee members from Corfu, I knew smartDESIGN was the one I wanted for our upcoming project.

The Pavilion Public Library was gifted a sizable donation for an expansion project and, being clueless and unprepared for a project of this size we approached Ed Smart with numerous questions and a great need for guidance. The whole smartDESIGN team was patient, helpful, knowledgeable and available. Throughout the past year and numerous crises with Surveyors, FEMA, Engineers and Hydraulic Engineers, smartDESIGN lead us through each hurdle and helped us in contacting the correct people, listened as we changed our minds and designs, and has brought us to our shovel-ready status. Ed has always maintained a professional yet down-to-earth common sense approach. I recommend Ed and his staff for anyone looking for honesty and integrity.”

– Suzanne Schauf, Director, Pavilion Public Library

 Panera Bread and smartDESIGN partnered in 2006. Since that time smartDESIGN Architecture has completed almost 100 projects for Panera spanning from Existing Structure Fit Out to Full Site Freestanding Development. At Panera we utilize approximately 6-8 firms to complete our designs and hands down smartDESIGN has been my top performer. The benefits to working with smartDESIGN does not stop at their commitment and timeliness to schedules for completion of plans, the communication with the field and our contractors has been diligent and accurate, contractors are always commenting on the completeness of the drawings vs other consultants, their problem solving is always collective amongst the team. In whole, smartDESIGN is simply the easiest, most effective consultant, vendor I use. They are our A team.”

– Keith Kotchey, Senior Construction Project Manager, Panera Bread

 smartDESIGN was wonderful to work with and they are easy to approach and very professional. We wanted to remodel and restructure the building we have and they took the time to understand our vision for the office and then worked with us to maximize the space with minimal structural changes. The design and the color scheme they developed really brightens the space and gives it character and an identity. Ed and Jaime were wonderful to work with and they were always there when we called – even after the project was done! We are really happy with the outcome!”

– Abha Jain, Batavia Pediatrics