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interior design

interior photoprogramming

smartDESIGN is experienced at working with clients to determine the optimum flow and relationship between people and their built environments.  We offer in-depth programming services that include information gathering strategies such as interviews and surveys, observation and documentation of existing uses, and adjacency analyses to graphically represent optimal work flow patterns, proximities and natural connections in your home and work environments.

space planning

The organization of the interior rooms and areas is critical for making sure that a building works for you.  We have extensive experience developing space plans that maximize the available space, in existing and new buildings, to best accommodate required functions and to create the appropriate atmosphere.

furniture & furnishings

Interior image of custom fish tankAt the closest scale, we interface with our interior environments through the furniture and furnishings that facilitate our activities.  Whether it be work, socializing, or relaxation, the right furniture and arrangement can make every activity more natural and comfortable and significantly contribute to the effect use of that space.

brand integration

Whether you are working to establish a new brand or perpetuating the integrity of an existing brand, we are experienced at creatively integrating and emphasizing your visual identity within your work environment.